Of Sluts and Daughters and Tuition Costs


SoBL asked me a while back for a guide for “raising daughter in the modern wastelands”. I don’t know that I have that yet. But this “Belle Knox” story is been quite affecting on me. It makes direct crushing blows at so many joints of what is wrong with modernity. Categories appear to coalesce into what may be thought of as institutions, wherein the actions of many individuals appear to be highly coordinated. The big two here are the Sluttery Industrial Complex (SIC) and Higher Education Industrial Complex (HEIC). I would, had I the power, raze both of them to the ground without a second thought; and afterward maybe say a prayer for the repose of the souls of those stupid enough to have gotten caught in the maelstrom. Since I have no such power, how should we then live? How shall we raise daughter?

Full disclosure, I have a daughter of almost precisely Ms. Knox’s age. (I also have 4 others of lesser ages.) We, my eldest daughter and her parents mutually, have been dragging our feet on the “college” question for over a year now. Lack of funds may well be a blessing. Clearly, I won’t be sending her to Duke University, which seems to punch well above it’s weight class in the cultural wastage department. But if I did, I am yet reasonably confident she wouldn’t waste her most valuable asset (youth, beauty, and intactness) on whoring, whether for money or for attention (…but I repeat myself). I’ll try to address the reasons for my confidence, what risks remain, and what I’ve yet to do about them in another post (I hope).

The Father?

Via Mangan, who elegantly sums this case up, “The rot goes deep”: The Daily Mail is reporting Ms. Knox’s father, Kevin Weeks of Spokane, WA, is a “devout Catholic” doctor just returning home from a tour of military service in Afghanistan. Here we see the Cathedral®, larger than life, a very real Leviathan, grinding up and spitting out its unwitting victims. Dr. Kevin Weeks works very hard to get ahead in life. He serves his country in a stupid ideological war. He does what everyone thinks he should do: Takes his kid to church, buys a pretty ritzy home in the affordable not-a-hellhole of Spokane WA, sends her to Gonzaga Prep (Jesuit, of course) and then off to Duke University, where she can take up “Women’s Studies”.

Dr. Weeks, I am so sorry. The US Government let you down by fighting a “war” we had no business fighting. Gonzaga Prep let you down—with a little more “prep” than you bargained for (18 year-old girls don’t “start” with the girths of James Deen). Duke University, for the bargain price of $60k/yr let you down. And the Church, purported to be one, holy, catholic, and apostolic, let you down. You are guilty, if anything, of mere credulity. You need The Red Pill. Every man in America needs The Red Pill—not the blue one with red candy painted over it, but the true one with the sodium metal core. Fortunately for Dr. Weeks, it appears his other two (older) kids turned out more or less okay. Two out of three really ain’t bad, considering the circumstances.

According to La Wik, Ms. Knox (Miriam Weeks) is a College Republican, a “sex-positive” feminist and libertarian. If you’ve the stomach for it, you can read her 15,000 hamster-powered post-hoc rationalization for her “career choices” here. All of it is quite grammatical, full of complete sentences and coherent paragraphs, well-punctuated, and not even wrong. If a girl this smart cannot be trusted to make wise “reproductive” decisions, then what chance has an ordinary girl? The “Patriarchy” is not threatened at all by you, dear. “Fear” you? Heavens no. You have only proved our point.

If your irony detector hasn’t shorted out by now, note well that Miriam is “Mary” in Hebrew. Yes, it seems clear, she was named after our Blessed Mother. The “virgin-whore dichotomy is an insidious standard”, eh? Then why, O why, so shamelessly, even articulately, ratify it? Couldn’t you have managed to be just a little bit in-between… ya know… like maybe… to point out the dichotomy is “insidious” (or something)?

Qui bono?

If you’re keeping score… ahead in the game: Duke University is getting its $60k per year. (It’s a “bargain” they say.) Its allies, by bonds as strong as the very moralistic verbiage by which Duke University would deny it, the Adult Entertainment (“sex worker”) industry. Miriam gets $1200, apparently, to fuck on camera. How much do her handlers get? Also ahead in the game, various and sundry grievance enterprises: The Sex Workers are Peepul Too Industry, The Girlz Kin Do Whatever The Hell They Wanna & Face No Consequences Industry and the College is So Damn Expensive Gubbmint Gots to Do Sumfinn Industry (which happens to be a small, obscure subsidiary of Duke U. op. cit.). In short, the winners (like almost always in this age) are the very institutions that exist principally either to cause or benefit from (or both) the complete collapse of civilized culture—viz., the very institutions which need not and ought not exist.

James Deen 2010

Behind in the game? Just about everybody else. There’s the Hypothetical Young Man of roughly equal marriage market status who will never live a long, productive, and happy life together with Miriam. Nor will he even be allowed to fuck her. That privilege is reserved exclusively (for now) for men well above his own status. He will be invisible to her for the next ten years, after which Miss Weeks may suddenly and mysteriously have a change of heart, and condescend to bestow on him sloppy (one-thousand and) seconds. Really though… After James Deen’s been rawdoggin’ in there, don’t ya think you’re going to come up just a teeny weeny bit short?

Society loses a smart(er than average) woman who might otherwise a) inspire a man to produce excess wealth for 20 or so years of his life, and b) raise an above average size litter of smart(er than average) children.

Society loses one more thing to care about. Exit signs look more and more attractive with each passing day. One more in a vast sea of sluts hardly makes much of a difference, but a few people care (or at least did care) very deeply for one of them…

The Weeks family is devastated, Belle’s Jesuitical protestations notwithstanding. I don’t need a news report to tell me that. The somewhat flexible and fluid boundaries of normal human psychology do not stretch that far. Any father who would not fly into a murderous rage at the pimping of his daughter is profoundly defective. I would. I’d kill the bastard(s) if given the glimmer of a chance and leave not a few permanent stripes on the daughter in question to boot… and I wouldn’t even say I was sorry (‘cept maybe to God). And a sane society would moreover look the other way when these, necessarily rare, acts of vengeance occurred.

Of course we do not live in a sane society— where mere symptoms are treated as pathologies, and genuine pathologies no longer even have names that can be spoken.

What of Miriam Weeks, who claims to “know exactly what” she’s doing? She’s ruined. Oh she’ll enjoy the rush of brain chemicals for a few years more no doubt. Money, attention, big dicks. But she’s no idea of the barren, lonely hell she’s cultivated for herself. It is unclear any woman under 30 can truly contemplate it. Certainly not an 18-year old Duke freshman. Biology is the biggest bitch of all, and you think you can just flip her off? Good luck with that.

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  1. I did manage to read her “rationalization,” if that it be, and while I hesitate to diagnose the patient without actually talking to her…the girl is not sane. If I didn’t know her background from the other pieces referenced, I would have concluded she’d been “Patty Hearsted,” that is, mentally broken down by well-known techniques and rebuilt as a poor wretch who has been conditioned to love “rough sex” in front of strangers and cameras. If 18-year-old girls can be brought to this level of conditioning just through Cathedral media programming and university feminist studies indoctrination…it’s worse than I thought, and I already thought it was bad.

    It’s likely she is genetically predisposed to this sort of thing, but still…

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  2. Well “sane” has been, no doubt, defined down over the last century.

    A Patty Hearst style brainwashing may very well be the median experience these days. I homeschool, so my contact with median HS (let’s face it she was in HS less than a year ago) experience, is (blessedly) transitory and shallow.

    My daughter (the eldest one) took the train down into the city the other day and ran into a huge gaggle of HS students, some of whom she recognized from our (RC) church. She reported her shock at their “vulgar” behavior. I hmmed and hawwed awhile and finally said, “Well, yeah, why d’ya think we homeschool?”

    The weird thing you got here with Miriam Weeks is a girl of substantially above average verbal IQ. She’s doing the same damn thing thousands (10s of thousands?) of average to above average looking girls do every year; they realize just how much attention they can get with their sexuality from boys and men who are well above them (one way or another) in status, and they decide to market it. The brain chemicals are real to any woman. What’s unusual is that her sluttiness matched with ability to construct such a fabulous post hoc rationalization. She’s gonna Change The World® dontcha know… for “Sex Workers” and all people indebted by the astronomical costs of higher education.


  3. True, what’s “sane” is not crystal clear these days; what I’m thinking of is her statement “My experience in porn has been nothing but supportive, exciting, thrilling and empowering.” So yes, I suppose that’s brain chemicals talking. It’s just that so very few years ago “mainstream” psychology would have thought there was something seriously wrong here. Today, perhaps most of the psychs would say this is all just wonderful; also we need to dose more little boys and young people with Ritalin and Zoloft, etc. This may be more revealing of modern psychology than of this particular young woman.


  4. I cannot overstate the damage that modern psychology has done. They rival the clergy for lowest levels of hell. Hitler and Stalin were pikers compared to this.

    People (especially women) naturally experience guilt for being slutty, people naturally shame them in response. The pathology is sluttery. And all of Nature herself has conspired against the pathology (guilt, shaming, STDs, the entirety of traditional cultures in every corner of the world for the last 10000 yrs, etc.). Fucking Evil psychologists (I do mean: they WILL BE shot! Clergy next) decide we gotta do something… we gotta fix this guilt. Guilt is the pathology now. We’ll fix that by “empowering” people and making them feel good about their decisions. And social shaming? Oh that’s a social pathology. And STDs, well we got antibiotics for that. And traditional culture? Fine so long as you don’t “impose your morality” on someone else. And what of the sluttery? Ya know that ACTUAL pathology? Yer a hater, i.e., pathological for even. saying. the word.

    It worked on Patty Hearst I suppose.


  5. “You are guilty, if anything, of mere credulity. You need The Red Pill.”

    Mr. Weaks needs to obey Christ and the OT prophets, and set his domestic life in scriptural order.

    Tough to do that when your “church” equates our redeemer, Jeshua, with his biological mother, as humanity’s co-Redeemer, and has no clue what or who the OT prophets were.
    [Ed. that goes a little bit farther than the leash I keep extends…]

    I’ll leave the guilt or innocence of Mr. Weaks to Christ, but he placed his daughter, from early years, on the Female Power-Track to Success in the United States — the most overtly matriarchal nation on the planet, for many decades.

    The soul of U.S. (and global) feminism isn’t goofy, lost 20 y.o. college girls, caught up in the power thrill of feminism, nor even in hardened Womens’ Studies professettes. It’s heart is the parents of daughters, who benefit greatly across socio-economic-legal spectra in American society. Again — long an overtly, and proudly, feminist society.

    Not only are their daughters de-facto First Class citizens, they are part of the general gynolatry that crosses from the State to the (largely, now false) churches. Mr. and Ms. Weaks benefit from this status quo, though it ruins the sons of the nations, and eventually their own daughters. A Scriptural upbringing for their Standard Unit Power Daughter would please the Lord, but wound the pocketbook, access to social privilege, etc.

    In a traditional and Biblical upbringing, Mr and Ms Weaks would be responsible for the financial and physical welfare of their daughter, often for life. They’d need to get her off the s.m.p., and married to an accomplished or financially secure man, a.s.a.p. The longer they delayed, the longer she remained single, the less the likelihood of marriage, children, grand children.

    Not very attractive vs. the government and schools and courts etc seeing to her needs, and privileging her, for life. Marrying her, essentially. For free, often, except Mr. Weaks decided nothing less than the Big Spender Empowerment Fast Track would suit his princess. Gonzaga Prep and Duke, indeed.

    In the hateful, misogynistic, and clearly evil Patriarchy, their daughter would marry young, to a man often ten or fifteen years older. That’s a crime now, the worst kind.

    Mr. Weaks would have to be a very Strong man to overcome these enticements and felonies, plus the approval and encouragement and funding of the vastest empire the world has known — and to overcome Ms. Weaks too! lol Who unless v exceptional would resist utterly a traditonal upbringing … a humble and servant-like upbringing for her daughter, not a pre-empowerment upbringing that’d bring in the fat-cash later. Instead, an upbringing that would much more likely lead to a happy, fulfilled, child-bearing, husband-obeying, and most importantly God-pleasing wife and mother.

    The demographic that produces U.S. feminist political hegemony is not narrow, by no means limited to commies, academic marxists, professional leftoids, and warpig feminists. It is a very broad coalition, engulfing many elements, and the socio-political problems of feminism and fatherlessness are the pustules of underlying spiritual problems. Meaning problems of choices, of allegiences, of responsibility — like the choices made by Mr and Ms Weaks and the many millions alike.

    People have been discussing U.S. feminism and the covert matriarchy online for almost two decades now, these are not exactly novel and secret issues — so it is way past time that Mr Weaks and millions of others must accept their choices, reject and repent of them publically, and help others understand why their choices were wrong, and were so damaging.

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  6. STDs, well we got antibiotics for that

    Not any more. Did you really think the kind of people who get STDs would be the kind of people to take their full course of antibiotics and refrain from sexual activity during it? It took a while, but popular STDs are becoming antibiotic resistant.


  7. We agree I think, Ray, on much that is wrong with the current culture, grossly inarticulate wisecracks about Roman Catholics aside. But that it shouldn’t take a moral, historical, and philosophical wizard to make his way in the world would seem to be one also one of the top things that is wrong.

    Peppermint, I do not doubt it. And HIV isn’t even a bacteria. And if she’s banging top shelf studs, well there’s only one way to be a top shelf male in the porn industry, and at the risk of indelicacy it has to do with appealing to the sort of audience that would actually care what the males look like.


  8. Fortunately gays don’t much like gays. They like manly men and twelve year old boys, which is why male fashion industry models look like manly men, and female fashion industry models look like twelve year old boys.

    So, by and large, the male porn stars are hetero.


  9. Great post, great comment on guilt/psychology. As a parent of daughters (and a son that I hope does not become James Deen) I am experiencing a strong desire to stand up and run screaming out my office.


  10. Josh: I have a (mild) fear of heights. But not generally when I am at them. Only in retrospect. Occasionally when I lay down at night a day or a year or a decade after having visited a tower height (say Empire State Bldg) I’ll be gripped briefly with a panic. 9/11 was particularly troubling to me (still is once in a while), tho’ I had never visited the towers. I think about what it must have been like to be in those broken out windows with smoke and flames behind me and 1200 feet of vertical nothing in front. It gives me the creeps. Sometimes I cannot sleep. Last night, the night after I wrote this post, I had exactly the same kind of panic. And did not get much sleep.

    Bob: Thanks for the tip. I’m not sure this blog is quite ready for the type of traffic the manosphere might bring.


  11. So, can we point to anything in particular that Ann Dunham’s parents did wrong, other than being Communists and teaching her Communism?

    I’ve always had this perception that sex-positive feminism is new; have Communists always been in bed with pornographers? I don’t think Stalin would have approved.


  12. Heaven’s no. Stalin proved too nationalist, i.e., insufficiently universalist and progressive, for the Americans. Teaching your child to be an American Communist, i.e., Progressive, would certainly not serve to prevent her turning to porn for shits and kicks and a few bucks. Teaching her to be a Russian Communist might very well do some good.

    Sex positive feminism is a joke. Feminism is a joke. I’m not sure either one is very funny. I certainly don’t spend too much time trying to make much sense of it. I always come back to the notion that it is very much easier to tear complex systems down than to build them. Feminism, and entire Cultural Marxist/Frankfurt School platform and methodology, is aimed entirely to tear traditional society down. The moralistic stories they tell (and often believe) to the contrary will constantly change and almost never make sense. There is simply no concern whatsoever for truth. All is power to them. Power is all.


  13. Great choice of authors; CS Lewis, John Derbyshire, GK Chesterton, Somerset Maugham; Sad that we cannot find any Americanized people who seek wisdom.


  14. Nah, plan A. Burn. then inform the rest there will be a complete separation of school and state going forward, that education will no longer be compulsory or free. Our schools are dens of ignorance and vice at best, and gangster academies at worst. Women should not be empowered ever again, if we get anything out of our travails to teach history it is that. Glad you noted Miriam, so did I.

    Um as a minor note we certainly needed to do something terrible to Afghanistan. 12 steps to Freedom and Democracy by President 12 steps wasn’t it.

    I think the words Honor _____ must be going thru Daddy’s head considering where he’s been.

    **It is nearly certain BTW that this girl got turned out prior to porn.** this does not just happen, that would be nearly unique.

    @Ray – this is a Protestant country, or it used to be. Veneration of Mary is indeed a Catholic doctrine, it’s how we learn respect for women. Receiving relevations on the shitter [Luther] and subsequent modernist innovations of course were quite Protestant as is Birth Control and Womens Suffrage, the Vatican only reluctantly recognized democracy as valid in 1965.

    I’m not sure Jesus will quite appreciate certain characterizations of his Mother, usually that’s about the worst thing you can bring up. I’m sure you can explain when you meet him.


  15. It is nearly certain BTW that this girl got turned out prior to porn.** this does not just happen, that would be nearly unique.

    Oh yes. I hate to be that indelicate. But her skills are well-honed. That was the “prep” in Gonzaga Prep.

    I did not (and would not) oppose bombing Afganistan back to the stone age (which really isn’t that far), but I think that job was done in mid 2003 or so (IIRC). I think installing a plausibly democratic governance there (or anywhere else) remains totally harebrained. The cost in money makes it stupid; the cost in blood makes it criminal.


  16. Hi.

    I was not trying to be a wise-ass.

    [Ed. Perhaps not. But this time you were. Off topic. Be a part of the solution or go away.]


  17. Any father who would not fly into a murderous rage at the pimping of his daughter is profoundly defective. I would. I’d kill the bastard(s) if given the glimmer of a chance and leave not a few permanent stripes on the daughter in question to boot… and I wouldn’t even say I was sorry (‘cept maybe to God). And a sane society would moreover look the other way when these, necessarily rare, acts of vengeance occurred.

    Thank you for saying this. No small part of this very complex problem is the parent-as-friend modern model of parenting. But having a healthy respect based on a little tiny bit of fear of your parents is a good thing for children, especially teenagers. Parents should be the guides, guardians, enforcers, and disciplinarians, not the BFFs. I have said this very frankly before: the reason I graduated from high school a virgin isn’t because I didn’t have horn-dog teenaged boys trying to convince me to DTD; rather, it was entirely because no matter how tempting said horn-dog was to me, the terrifying thought of, “Oh my gosh, if my father found out, I’d be dead meat” was always present in my mind. My father loved me dearly, but he would have whipped my @$$ from here to the county if I’d gotten caught messing around. And I knew it.

    Excellent article, Nick.


  18. back in the time of Eugene Debs, did the daughters of Communists get nude pictures of themselves put in magazines? I kind of want to believe that they used to be more virtuous than average people, but I don’t know.

    IIRC Marx denounced marriage and Engels vaguely hoped that the future would include different arrangements that were still monogamous.


  19. Peppermint:

    Everyone 100 years ago was on average more virtuous. EVEN COMMIES.

    Even today, a hardcore principled, power to da peepul, leftist is more virtuous than the neo-liberal swine that rule us. Neolibs have thrown true leftists under the bus at least as much as the neo-cons have thrown actual conservatives under the (pretty much same) bus.

    SSM: Thanks!!! You’re a heroic woman.


  20. Sunshine Mary, in our current cultural context, the kind of parental coercion you describe is simply not possible. It will be interpreted not as guidance from someone who is more aware of the world, but as oppression, by everyone in the girl’s life, from guidance councilors and principals down to the boys who will quote Marx and tell them how they feel bad about the internalized misogyny if they listen to their fathers.

    Furthermore, all highschool boys fully expect their sweethearts to put out, and if not will simply find another; except for the betas who are just grateful to have a bit of attention. Which I conjecture that girls would rather not date at all than be humilited by their friends for hanging out with.


  21. I suspect that the father’s military service had more than a little to do with her choice. The daughters of military lifers are not prime marriage material these days. Lots of unresolved issues with their fathers from deployments, stress, moves, and the rest. In days when men could keep hold of their women, maybe, but not today. I would never court a military woman, nor a woman with a military father.

    The Shadowed Knight


  22. Thank you Sunshine Mary. Of course it’s possible.

    @Oppression etc it’s not possible. Nothing is possible for so those completely enslaved no chains or whips are even necessary, the mere mental threat of opprobium is enough. Sexual degradation of your issue is of course one of the many costs of slavery. The chief tool is fear, what is repellent is the tiny degree of the merest possibility of fear that is necessary to get compliance with the worst nightmare.

    Why does any Father care or anyone care what the “cultural” norms think of his oppression? Fuck em. Tell them Fuck You. Here is the missing Lever: Fear. If you are a Father you must be feared mainly by other men and the world, these days other women as well. This isn’t new, it’s ancient. That’s what “protective” means, it means people have to be afraid of you.

    It helps if your children are afraid of you as well, and apparently the wife a bit too [so it seems]. At least you must be known as a man not to cross on matters of your family.

    ***The Family is not on the menu but I’ll risk a little parable**
    By The Way my Father actually came through. When sex education, of course Human Sexuality education [porn dressed as science] was introduced by outside contractors into our Catholic School in the late 70s, little 7th grade me seeing his younger sister being exposed to this– told his Father. I normally don’t go with telling the parents but this kind of falls under force majeure and Father taskings. He and the other fathers stopped it cold. Not one more “session”. There was some reaction against kids [me] by teachers, easily worth it then and especially now.
    ***The Family is not on the menu but I’ll risk a little parable**

    As to consequences kindly weigh the consequences against the above results. This man Weeks is law abiding [so far] and he’s regretting that. A law that says our daughters will be turned out [and soon enough our sons] and the school system is whoring prep and pedo tenure isn’t a Law you hold sacred.

    Sacralization of Law isn’t of course an Anglo-Saxon Norm, whatever you believe. Miriam.


  23. Short version, Peppermint, the kind of parental coercion SSM describes is not only possible, but is practiced in my home, and in the homes of many of our local circle of Catholic home educators. I’m certain that mainstream people (liberals), if they knew even the half of it, would consider us oppressors on principle alone, but they would be taken aback to find out how socially ept, well-adjusted, and high-achieving our children tend to be. In an age of almost universal isolation, the “oppressive” details of home life tend to remain hidden, whereas the impressive results of it are transparently obvious to those willing to look.

    Case in point: Took Eldest Girl to the swing dance couple Fridays ago. (Middle Boy usually goes, but he had stuff the next day.) A light turnout of about 20 kids (for same reason Middle Boy didn’t go). All of the kids were associated with our Homeschool co-op in one way or another (not all are currently home schooled, e.g.) and what was there to report? Let’s see… Not a single curse or lewd word was overheard, nothing remotely resembling coarse behavior, no “dirty” dancing. Kids fully respectful and polite to each other and especially so towards the adults. The boys circulated through dancing with all the girls. Nothing remotely resembling a “dating pair” was seen. (I don’t think such a pair in fact exists. The mere concept of a teen pair “going together” would be scandalous in this circle of about 50 families.) No cliques. In short, none of the mild to moderate pathologies you would expect routinely at any gathering of traditionally schooled 14-18 year olds.

    This is my normal.

    It’s hard work to stay here, but it can be done and it is certainly worth it.

    [Ed. OK well I guess that was the long version.]


  24. Neovictorian’s bit:

    I did manage to read her “rationalization,” if that it be, and while I hesitate to diagnose the patient without actually talking to her…the girl is not sane. If I didn’t know her background from the other pieces referenced, I would have concluded she’d been “Patty Hearsted,” that is, mentally broken down by well-known techniques and rebuilt as a poor wretch who has been conditioned to love “rough sex” in front of strangers and cameras.

    has been linked from here.

    To be clear, as near as I can tell, Miriam Weeks’ first ever hardcore shoot was on Facial Abuse. Bits of it are captured (for those of a VERY pure heart) on efukt (Scharlach tweeted the link. I won’t link. Most normal slutty girls start out with softcore posing, warming up to the camera. She is way above average and in a hurry.). Therein, she is humiliated on camera verbally for being a feminist. It actually seems more humiliating than the slapping around and the rest that one might imagine (at a site called Facial Abuse) because it is specially psychological, attacking her professed identity. She has since taken her wares to more “romantic” (i.e., less violent/humiliating) sites like Xart.

    Women, in general, do like “rough sex”. I think they like it more than men care to dish out, but I don’t have a statistically valid sample. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that in a licit relationship (i.e., marriage), and probably a fair amount good can come of it. [har har har] But having sex on camera for money, rough or not, is a whole nuther level of screwed up. In this case, as an added bonus, we get the articulate (yet incoherent) post hoc rationalizations for it.


  25. Yeah, my “diagnosis” of unsanity proved far too accurate for comfort. Had no idea that she was a cutter, or the nature of some of her “work,” but her “liberation” piece was a proudly sick society compressed into a few paragraphs crying how healthy it is, now that repression has been overcome.


  26. It’s a sad state of affairs. Miriam Weeks is a pretty young lady – but yes she has made a bad choice. She says she lost her V card at 16 in interview – evidently between 16 and 18 she gained experience as displayed she has moves! Her daddy must be dead inside. Poor fella – 18 y/o daughter is a epic whore and ruined for life.


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