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Oh my goodness, I’ve been negligent in my duties. Muy apologioso to my readers who get all their reactionary news here… Much to catch up on. Let’s go to the videotape.

Tailors guild Kyiv is up and hopefully going somewhere.

Good stuff (as always) from Anissimov in Oaks vs. Sandboxes. The story of civilization is the story of social hierarchy and differentiation. Sad to see us tear the whole thing down because some folks think that’s not fair.

Foseti on religion and reaction, Foseti on the Zimmerman aftermath, and Foseti on Unz.

Jim on the necessity of patriarchy, Jim on black privilege, and Jim on the Keynesian card trick.

If you aren’t reading Isegoria by now, you’re probably not going to add up to much more than an ornate door-stop when the reaction comes. Too much to point to, but I thought this was interesting:

There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs-partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.

— Booker T. (Be Rayciss) Washington, 1911

VDH on Lying in the Age of Obama, i.e., pretty much always. (via Malcolm Pollack.)

If you blinked, you may have missed Karl Boetel’s early retirement and hasty reinstatement (possibly at the barrel of a gun?). Either way, send him a bit of that fine Nazi gold… and while yer at it, be sure to send me some fine Nazi bitcoins at


Diversity may be coming to your neighborhood too, courtesy of HUD.

Spandrell is back with some practical policy proposals, i.e., short of resurrecting Generalissimo Francisco Franco. Good ideas. And Handle has a few more in the comments. Only thing I can think to add at the moment would be to get rid of the mortgage interest tax deduction (although that would hurt me personally).

Nick Land has has been on a tear lately. I can hardly keep up. Just read everything he writes. Critically of course. We don’t want him taking control of you with his super sciency cult mental kung fu. This was particularly good:

When a message [like the truth about what really ails Detroit] is existentially unacceptable to the Cathedral, it will not be heard, and the only messages with substantial reality content are of exactly this kind. True believers will stick with a morbid utopia to the end, since anything truly different would — in any case — count for them as some species of death. For cynics, the calculation is even easier: why unnecessarily shorten looting time? More common still are the poor idiots, who will just do what they’re told (while trying to grab a little feeding trough time), and then be sacrificed.

Can-kicking eventually runs out of road, of course, and its only when this truism has become an intolerable, deadening drone that neoreaction begins. Anybody who still needs to hear that message is simply lost. Remedial education cannot be the neoreactionary task (there are libertarian-oriented conservatives for that — and they will fail).

It’s not that the liberal media doesn’t get Detroit. We expect that. But the “conservative” media doesn’t get it either. The “liberal policies” that bankrupted Detroit don’t seem to have the same bankrupting effects in NYC, Boston, DC, Portland, Seattle. Funny that. Maybe it’s “liberal policies” plus proximity to Lake Erie?

Reactionary linguist and linguistic reactionary Scharlach continues his series on Profiling Cathedral Clerics with an examination of philanthropist-ette Adelaide Gomer. Three down, 135,266 to go. See also: weighty tomes of other good stuff.

Jim Kalb’s latest at ISI.

Found via Twitter, Anarcho-Papist Bryce Laliberte, comments on validation addiction. Remarkable what you can find on Twitter. Good remarkable. (There’s also a superfluity of bad remarkable, but not Bryce.) [Added to blogroll.]

Those Who Can See gives safety tips for your tour of Black America. Priceless.

Speaking of wild animals… Had a minor incident just last night with a, possibly Trayvon “No Limit Nigga” Martin inspired, feral savage. Diverse-type kid in 4-door beat-up Nissan Sentra pulls out of the bank parking lot against a red light and rather non-chalantly proceeds, as diverse-type kids are often wont to do. I’m proceeding down the 35 mph, 4-lane main drag at at least the speed limit and give him a good long white person honk… the kind that says, “I am a white person and I know darn well you shouldn’t be hanging a left against a red light and driving like an 80 year old man… in a hat… are you drunk?” At the next light I proceed to stop on green for a left turn and wait for the on-coming traffic to pass. The diverse-type kid has now caught up to me on the right, and proceeds with ever greater non-chalance to stop right next to my car before a green light, with lots of white people backed up behind him, and give me a nice long dirty stare. Oh, if I had only had the presence of mind to roll down the passenger window and ask, “What you lookin’ at, boy?” Next time I will. Stay tuned.

Nick B. Steves: Confirming Creepy-ass Cracker stereotypes for, oh, about three months now.

Free Northerner begins the Omega’s Guide to Not Being a Loser. See also The Real Meaning of Zimmerman. Sadly, too true.

Chuck Ross accidentally “joins” the NAACP’s Zimmerman Witch Hunt, and finds out they’re embarrassingly cozy with Eric “My People” Holder’s DoJ. And aren’t you surprised?

Great stuff from Dalrock on the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex.

DBP_1959_315_Georg_Friedrich_Händel I hear there’s a meetup at Handle’s haus house tomorrow. Sadly, I cannot attend, but best wishes to all the DC area reactionaries… they are a special breed. (That’s good “special” not bad “special”.)

That’s it for now… til next “week”… The Reactivity Place, Over and Out.

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  1. Sorry Nick it’s my patrois showing…should you proceed further into the netherworld ye too may learn to mumble and infer.

    1) NBS -“Oh, if I had only had the presence of mind to roll down the passenger window and ask, “What you lookin’ at, boy?” Next time I will. Stay tuned.” = A GUN. BE HOLDING A GUN NICK.

    2) Handles policy comment you pointed to [Handle works for USG Dept of Money] among other things recommends more taxes as policy. I am inferring this telling that a reactionary who is closer to the true balance sheets than most mortals would ask for more tax money .


  2. Handle works for NSA (No Such Agency). Foseti works for FDIC. The USG Dept of Money is the Fed (as near as I can tell), but, as you know, that is a non-governmental entity. </snark>


  3. “The savagery of the Mongols (from which we’re still recovering) was nearly matched by the savagery of intellectuals (from which we may never recover).” Not me.


  4. best you don’t engage in such behavior (rolling down window to possibly provoke them) if possible.

    Remember, it’s their regime. their world. we live in occupied territory. As “right” as it may be for you to act like that, it’d be a loss for the cause. Be smart and stay cool. You can do far more good writing and being you than you would in a potentially bad situation like that, where regardless of how in right you might be could be framed against you by the powers that be.

    The time will come when action will be necessary. It is not yet that time.


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