The Reactionary Methadone Clinic

Chlorydrate de Méthadone Nick Land muses on the danger inherent to a rapid withdrawal of narcotic known as demotism from its hopelessly dependent abuser: the Body Politic. For that delicate operation, one needs not tee-totalist preaching, but a methadone clinic.

Not many a pre-reactionary is ready to swallow the entire the pill with the sodium metal core. If he takes it, he may very well vomit it back up, leaving himself not only no closer to the cure, but with esophageal scarring to boot.

A gentler introduction is the Reactionary Methadone Clinic:

  • First and foremost, foreswear politics… it is the very poison to which we were all born addicted.
  • Foreswear activism… it is the occult power upon which the Cathedral’s engines run.
  • Foreswear voice in all matters of not immediate objective concern to you or your family.
  • Become worthy… live the best life you can for you and your family. Stop being a busybody. Be as wise as serpents, but innocent as doves.
  • Love your own particularity… If you don’t have one? Find one! You’ll quickly see how toxic the Cathedral’s many potions are.
  • Foreswear trying to force facts into preconceived ideological boxes—odds are that it is the boxes that are the problem. Love the truth where it may be found, whatever it may be.
  • Read and listen to the Resartus when it comes.

Be inspired from the Gospel of St. Matthew:

For, amen I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, Remove from hence hither, and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you. But this kind [of demon] is not cast out but by prayer and fasting.

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15 thoughts on “The Reactionary Methadone Clinic”

  1. I don’t think that’s a methadone clinic — it’s more like a 12-point program. Generally, when people hitch themselves to something like that they’ve already hit bottom.


  2. You need more than that. Addction isn’t a state of mind, it’s a physical affliction.


  3. @spandrell: Hey, who’s the body-mind dualist here??

    @Nick L: Surely there is some palliative to give people some of the joys of demotism without all its pathological effects. To be sure, I have no idea what an ideological methadone clinic would look like…


  4. I’m confused about what the drug is for which we’re looking for a substitute. Is it Keynesian monetary policy? Sanctimony (vainglory/pride)? Envy? Idolatry (“The People’s Romance”)?


  5. >Peter,

    Envy and status whoring are based in the same neurons. Sanctimony is the only remaining means of status-whoring when physical violence and capitalist enterprising aren’t available.


  6. Is it Keynesian monetary policy? Sanctimony (vainglory/pride)? Envy? Idolatry (“The People’s Romance”)?

    Yes. ;-)

    That’s the trouble I get when I take one of Land’s analogies and try to extend it. I think the poison is demotism, the feeling that we “get our say”… our micronano portion of power to control stuff… which allows us to control precisely nothing… but helps us sleep at night. Of course, Keynesianism is one of the tricks that gov’ts like to play to keep the demos peaceful. It’s a really good trick.

    The other things, well they’re just regular ol’ sins that are going to be with us for about as long as the cosmos exists… but demotism certainly does nothing to alleviate them… on the contrary, when they’re not treated as positive virtues, they are at least not suppressed.


  7. “I’m confused about what the drug is …” — whilst not averse to extending the range of application (Spandrell’s neuro-chemical story is an interesting one), the truly solid ground that keeps this analogy alive on the economically-oriented Right is dope-money equivalence. Both replace an evolutionarily-tuned ‘good’ with a proxy signal, and then implode (addictively) into amplification of the signal. The wire-head blackhole at the end of utilitarianism is the same phenomenon wound forward to its limit.


  8. But the only reason the monetary illusion has to be maintained is to support the more basic Voice illusion implicit in demotism. Otherwise, the gubmint would just say, “hard money, eat your peas,” and be done with it.


  9. Well there wouldn’t be enraged, starving, and desperate mobs if they weren’t running all of society on Political Funny Munny to begin with. There are ways to feed people that do not violate the laws of physics… just ask Frederick the Great… or even Warren G. Harding.


  10. Become worthy… live the best life you can for you and your family. Stop being a busybody. Be as wise as serpents, but innocent as doves.

    This really resonates with me, especially because I found my way here starting at the Art of Manliness of all places, arriving via the Manosphere Portal of Doom, looking for self-improvement tips to help my relationship and my health. Game, Paleo, HBD, all lead to reaction, which is what I always knew but never recognized as such.

    Strange confluences indeed.


  11. [was on a wonderful vacation so late to this]
    * points 1-3 = Be a Happy Slave
    *And NO they won’t. They are just aware of their status – as am I – the last 5 years. Curiously coinciding with the money ending, and the Bennies [Bernanke paper] beginning.
    *However I like this post Cuz: Justly we can say we do not have Democracy, we have Demotism. You have a voice and may speak as you like, your vote does not count.
    *Restartus = Pantos. Pantos is happening NOW.


  12. I find the link to “vomit back up” [dark ecologies] interesting because: while if confronted with the truth most reactionaries in America at least will admit we don’t have “The People Rule” [democracy]. Yet they attack democracy as if it still existed. It’s also interesting that Progs defend what THEY HAVE as democracy, when it’s certainly not. It’s Demotism. Speak all you like but you have no say.

    Then there’s this: “we see no other way out so we blind ourselves to the chains that lock us into a destructive system all for security and a livelihood to maintain our minimal existence.” He’s describing Cathedral employees who HATE IT.


  13. Welcome back VXXC!!!

    As usual, I have a hard time figuring out your referents… but if you’re not going to forswear busybodyism… you’d better keep it off of MY lawn!

    Everybody is at least a little bit slave. I believe it was Bob Dylan who advised, “You gotta serve somebody.”


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