This Week in Reaction…

Nick Land asks whether we might be in the (neo)reactionary Cambrian Explosion.

Land’s Cambrian Exhibit A, Sharlach at Habitable Worlds, continues probing the sore connections between traditionalist and techno-commercialist reactionaries. Geez Sharlach, haven’t you heard of Astro-Glide®? Ouch!

Homeschooling decreases “the gap”?!!?? (HT: Dyspepsia Generation) Seems like we covered this question while back at the Orthosphere. Whether it decreases “the gap” or not, homeschooling is still the single best strategy for raising cute little new reactionaries… Well, second best strategy. The first best strategy is Unsafe Sex®: make the cute little reactionaries to begin with.

Speaking of the Cambrian explosion, does anyone remember Neoreactionary? Why don’t I? It was a promising week in July 2012. Did the Cathedral get him?

Speaking of missing persons, what happened to Inductivist Ron Guhname? Seriously. I hope he’s okay.

Steve Salier seems genuinely interested in just about everything. Watch hilarity ensue as he keeps his cool and patented sense of humor in a race meets gay meets sports story. (HT: Foseti) Where can I buy a bottle of that stuff? Does it come in the 1.75L?

More snazzy reactionary propaganda posters from Unamused Radish Magazine. Coming soon to a Student Union near you.<hint></hint>

Sonic Charmer is all over the Oregon Medicaid thingy whatever the hell it was.

That’s it. The Reactivity Place, Over and Out.

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