This Week in Reaction (2015/10/04)


The main Hestia Society website stepped out of 2007 and into Into the Teens. It’s purdy!

Over at The Future Primaeval, Basil Rowny makes his debut with Social mobility and discount mates. This is a review of sorts of Gregory Clark’s new book The Son Also Rises: Surnames and the History of Social Mobility. Interesting research. Interesting implications. Interesting because of implications. For example, be careful how you treat ethnic and religious minorities, because you might just be helping them to become market dominant.

Warg Franklin outlines the Levels of Agency in Society. There are three. Not one. Any social system built on the assumption that there is only one is gonna have a bad time.

Over at Nick Land’s, the mainstream media engages impressive Mental Gymnastics to admit to some racial differences too obvious to ignore, while ignoring others too obvious to ignore. Also an illustrative analogue in The Dark Forest.

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This Week in Reaction (2015/09/20)


Two days late… but not a dollar short!. Sorry about that folks. Things didn’t line up well last weekend for a variety of reasons.

Jonathan Haidt’s big paper on leftist ideological domination of the social sciences is finally out. That link is just the highlights. (The full paper is behind a rather tony paywall.) But the highlights are pretty astounding.

Academic social science today appears to be one of the most diverse places on earth, with one exception: ideological diversity, aka., the only one that would actually count. Very interesting reading Haidt, a liberal, chastizing liberals for not living up to their own liberal standards. “We just need to be fair and open-minded harder guys!” Haidt is hard to excerpt. Thorough, but rarely punchy. RWTW.

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This Week in Reaction (2015/09/13)

The Original Tacoma Narrows Bridge; an important piece of infrastructure July 1 thru Nov 7, 1940.
The Original Tacoma Narrows Bridge; an important piece of infrastructure July 1 thru Nov 7, 1940.

Our top story this week appears to be Mr. Anon’s hyperventilation at Daily Kos: Donald Trump and Neoreaction: Why what he represents must be buried permanently. Sorry, Mr. Anon, you are no Nikita Khrushchev. So good luck with that. While 98% of neoreactionary support for The Donald is purely ironic in nature, we gladly accept the false blame for all of the things that progressives deem evil. #Gamergate, GMOs, cancelling Firefly. That was us, too!

The mixed publicity for #NRx is given a superbly crafted sendup by Dante: DAILY KOS WRITER GETS SOMETHING RIGHT ENTIRELY BY ACCIDENT, IS STILL RETARDED.

I was meeting with Warg this past weekend and I brought up the TWiR. He called it “an important piece of infrastructure”. That’s probably the nicest thing anyone’s said about this blog in a while. So here, reactionaries and alt-right-curious of all stripes, is your weekly Important Piece of InfrasctructureContinue reading This Week in Reaction (2015/09/13)

This Week in Reaction (2015/09/06)


Well, some Jew, claiming to speak for whites, named Jesse Benn penned this bit of indigestible fnord salad about how whites are evil in manifold, alluded to, but otherwise unspecified, ways. Nick Land has the tersest response:

Just to be clear: Speaking as a self-appointed representative for people you feel free to disassociate from at will is as annoying as hell. It’s hard for me to believe Benn is too stupid to see that, which leaves the malignant devious evil option.

If the West sees another mass outbreak of antisemitism, a plaintive “Why?” is going to look laughable. Benn’s ilk are why.

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This Week in Reaction (2015/08/30)

Purveyors of polycentric law
Purveyors of polycentric law

This week featured an unexpected bounty of great posts within the Reactosphere. If you, like many had the good sense to get away from it from it all in these the Dog Days of Summer, you might have missed some. That’s why This Week in Reaction exists. And this week was a truly great week…

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This Week in Reaction (2015/08/23)

Migrants Grouillants
Migrants Grouillants

Jim has commentary on the remarkably moderate Trump plan to stop (nonwhite) immigration.

Trump’s plan relies on the cooperation of the courts, who will surely not cooperate. Australia found it necessary to bypass the courts and use direct military power, and use what are officially regional processing centres run by “civilian contractors” but are in fact prison camps run by the military (yes, those civilian contractors).

The Trump plan resembles the various anti immigration initiatives of the Australian labor party, which failed because of hostility and forcible resistance by government employees, and fraud and defiance by the courts.

Presidents cannot do $#!& unless they are prepared to use the military, as the Australian government finally did. And the US military has become so PC in its upper ranks that it is far from clear that it would obey such orders.

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This Week in Reaction (2015/08/16)

Atomic bomb mushroom clouds over Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right)
Atomic bomb mushroom clouds over Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right)

In response to James Miller’s somewhat overwrought A-Bomb deontological handwringing, Neovictorian tells us: Why I Don’t Feel Bad About Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I absolutely agree. Not that I think America should have been fighting that war at all, mind you. But “we” don’t need to feel bad about what “our” leaders did 15 minutes ago, much less than 70 years ago. “They” are not “us”, and never were. And confusion on this point is a profound problem in modernity. Also some kind words for Dr. Bruce Charlton who “gets” Neovic’s (and NRx’s) fascination with magic.

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