This Week in Reaction (2015/06/28)


Even the progs “get it”. It was quite a week. Rarely do you get to see the worm in the act of turning. And when it turns this much in a short time, it is a sight to behold. Thus the confederate battle flag is deprecated, and the rainbow flag suddenly raised everywhere. No more fitting symbol exists for this week than that above. And by analogy it is a fitting symbol for the entire march of progress. Which, tho’ we “celebrate” #LoveWins (and have always “celebrated” it), is admittedly not over. For now, we have always been at war with East Asia.

Porter leads off with an excellent articulation of the prog case against the confederate battle flag in Symbols Clashing.

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This Week in Reaction (2015/06/21)

Thaddeus Stevensberg (1792-1868)
Thaddeus Stevensberg (1792-1868)

Jim has a discouraging report: Libertarians support ethnic cleansing of whites. But we all saw this coming. Contending for the soul of libertarianism is contending for the soul of liberalism is contending for the soul of The Enlightenment. He also notes, in passing, that the Anti slavery people were evil from the beginning. And Jim points us to Greg Hood’s Based. Hood is enjoying seeing left-liberals dangling over the abyss of transracial and transsexual equivalency:

This is one of those rare moments where politically correct orthodoxy is still undetermined and progressives are well aware anything they say now could cost them a job later. The predominant narrative on social networking among goodthinkers is that sex, er, “gender” is simply a “state of mind” and not a real biological category, while race is a genetic matter that is imprinted at birth. Naturally, this is more or less the opposite of what they’ve been trying to tell us for the last few years.

[F]or progressives, being on the “wrong” side of this now may be like having voted for the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. Worst of all, none of the brave independent thinkers rebelling against social norms have been told what the “right” side is yet, and so they remain paralyzed with fear and indecision.

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This Week in Reaction (2015/06/14)


The big news this week was Rachel Dolezal, aka. Soul Woman. It’s getting harder and harder for anyone to tell who’s trolling whom anymore. Godfrey Elfwick got onto BBC (a second time BTW) claiming to be #WrongSkin. (Beeb thinks he might be a prankster, but they’re curiously cautious about declaring trans-racial officially not a thing.) Someone set up a fake, but on the surface convincing, twitter account claiming to be Ms. Dolezal, replete with praise of Weev for his heart of gold in understanding.

Jewish Chinese (or is that Chinese Jewish?) girls doing unutterably dull preachy pornos can’t hold a candle to this. I can add little to the discussion other than amazement… and some advice to short The Onion stock.

In other goings on…

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This Week in Reaction (2015/06/07)


Nydwracu is brilliant as well as timely here in his coverage of Curtis Yarvin’s apparent admitted disinvite to this year’s St. Louis Strange Loop Conference due to the antifa antics of the execrable POS Steve Klabnik, inter alia. “The distinctive whining scream of the Puritan, speaking power to truth as is his usual fashion. Recognizable in any century.”

“Banned at Strange Loop”… instameme for the disaffected right.

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This Week in Reaction (2015/05/31)


Over at The Future Primeval, here is a repost from Anton Silensky that takes a look at Conquest’s Second Law. Not only do organizations not explicitly right-wing become left-wing, but so too organizations explicitly right-wing. He offers a few plausible, and not necessarily mutually exclusive, explanations. Conquest’s Second Law is really just a special case of Cthulu Swimming left. Finding out why he swims left is one of the chief aims of the new social science.

This one was new: Functional Institutions Are The Exception. And absolutely fantastic. It defies summary, but I’m thinking ☀☀#NRx Best of the Week Award☀☀ goes to Anton with this one. RTWT!

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Choose Your Illusion: A Review of Every Cradle is a Grave


It was very hard for me to read Sarah Perry’s Every Cradle is a Grave: Rethinking the Ethics of Birth and Suicide (Nine Banded Books, 2014). She is, first of all, one of the brightest minds within the nascent neoreaction. Her thought-provoking scientific research on sacredness, beauty, group belonging, and suffering is top notch. Moreover, her writing on such topics is always coupled with humility, wonder and a deep appreciation for the human condition—an approach that seems strikingly like the Christian Humanism of Chesterton or St. Terese of Lisieux. Her work has been positively inspiring, and, perhaps ironically (especially after you read the punch line) increased my Catholic faith.

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