This Week in Reaction (2015/07/26)


Nick Land asks What’s in a word? A lot (apparently). The proper neoreactionary term is, of course, the more elegant #Conservakin. But there’s no accounting for hard-right internet taste. Alfred W. Clark has an authoritative roundup on #cuckervative. The “dispute” as it were makes TNR. Jim takes a stab at Defining cuckservative. And Dante comments on THE UNBEARABLE FAGGOTRY OF ERICK ERICKSON.

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This Week in Reaction (2015/07/19)


Warg Franklin tells the story of Anarchism+ (yeah, do the math! LOL) in Social Justice, Ideological Hijackings, and Ideological Security.

Instead of laughing at anarchists for the irony of creating a totalitarian system for themselves, we should be alarmed and take note; a community of people absolutely opposed to oppression and authority and violations of individual rights wound up oppressing each other with arbitrary authority leading to the destruction of the usefulness of their community.

It’s funny. But if SJW preening then takeover can happen in /r/anarchism, then it can (and almost always does) happen anywhere. And the operative questions are: how and why and what the HECK can we do to prevent it?

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About Exit

Dragon's Blood Tree, Socotra Island
Dragon’s Blood Tree, Socotra Island

The few days prior to this This Week in Reaction, a friend asked me via twitter DM for some neoreactionary links on Exit. Nothing specific came immediately to mind. Nick Land’s exit tag is replete with juicy and tantalizing hints about the various shapes it can take. Jordan Bloom’s Mitrailleuse devotes regular coverage to Secession Lagniappe. We are always talking about exit, but never really setting down what we mean by it, nor articulating a cohesive strategy for it. I wanted there to be one seminal post that I could point to. This will probably not be that post. But it was worth a try. Continue reading About Exit

The Occult Effects of Democracy

un-democracy-dayDemocracy gives ostensible power to some vague collective known as The People. But a collective of everyone, each competing more or less for their own interests, is simply chaos. There is no General Will. Everyone knows this. And soon everyone will know that everyone knows this. Therefore, if someone speaks unironically of the “General Will”, you know to watch your wallet… or your neck. The General Will of The People—i.e., noise, in the arcana of signal processing—may only be expressed if it is filtered. He who performs the filtering calls the frequency. The first real effect of democracy, therefore, is to give power to those who influence and direct the opinions of the collective.

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This Week in Reaction (2015/07/12)


A very lazy, laid back summer week here in The Reactosphere™. Book reviews were the order of week. All that time down the shore pays back richly. And various flavors of Exit remain burning topics in the charred forests of Western Civilization. Along with green shoots. So without further adieu and in no particular order: What was going on this past week?

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This Week in Reaction (2015/07/05)

A species of Exit
A species of Exit

Exit Week this past week in this This Week in Reaction®. After last week’s news of anathemas upon Confederate Symbols, and open embrace of homogamous ones, this should hardly have come as a surprise.

Neocolonial works on Building a Ladder from the cognitive super-elite down to where normal people live, so that all within an institution (such as society) may benefit from their potential.

  • I’ll reiterate that point as it is not necessarily clear: Communications within an organisation that are beyond the IQ gap [~20 pts] of the individuals involved are risky and potentially counter-productive due to misunderstandings.
  • Such communications need to be mediated to be effective.

I find I spend most of my time in that mediator role. Also People, Place & Potential Difference.

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